Group insurance, as the name suggests, is a policy that collectively covers a group of people belonging to a common society or sharing a common employer. A Group Health Insurance Policy helps companies identify and mitigate the risks their employees face. Additionally, a Group Policy makes it easy and affordable for an employer to cover all of their employees and their families against financial instabilities that may be a result of an unexpected hospitalization. A Group Insurance Policy makes sure a company’s major asset i.e. the employees are retained; as majority of the companies these days are employee centric Corporate health insurance is like a good investment for the employers as it offers the employees affordable healthcare.

Features of a Group Policy

  • Group health insurance companies typically covers medical benefits for insured (self), spouse, children and dependent parents.
  • Pre-existing illness are covered.
  • Employee health insurance can cover maternity cover as well.
  • Group health insurance can cover ancillary charges such as ambulance costs too.