Personal Accident Insurance is a policy that financially compensates the insured in case of death, bodily injuries, total/ partial disability or mutilation resulting from an accident caused by violent, visible and external means that include rail, road and air accident, injury due to collision or fall, burn injury and drowning etc. Accident insurance protects your family and yourself from the financial issues like loss of income, medical expenses that might arise from an unforeseen accident.

What is covered under Personal Accident Insurance?

  • Accidental Death: In case of an accidental death of the policyholder, this policy offers financial compensation to the nominee of the insured.
  • Accidental Disability: It financially protects the insured against loss of income because of any disability that might be a result of a grave accident.
  • Accidental Dismemberment: If the policyholder loses his/her any limbs or eyes, etc in any accident, then he/she will be financially compensated under Accidental Dismemberment policy.

Types of Personal Accident Insurance Policies

Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy: This policy covers an individual in the event of any accident. Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy: This policy covers a group of people in the event of any accident. Such a policy, which covers a whole group, can be bought for a family or by an employer for all the employees of the company