Employee Benefits Insurances

Employee Benefits Insurances
Group Medical Insurance

A shared health plan for a group of people, like employees at a company or members of an organisation, covering their medical expenses. It's provided by employers or organisations

Group Personal Accident Insurance

For a group of people, such as employees in a company or members of an organisation. It compensates them financially if they get injured or die because of an accident, giving them and their families support during tough times.

Group Term Life Insurance

A plan that helps a bunch of people, like employees in a company or members of an association or a club. If someone covered by this insurance dies, the insurance company pays a lump sum money to their family/ nominees.

Group Gratuity Scheme

A type of retirement benefit scheme provided by employers to their employees. It's a form of long-term savings plan designed to provide employees with a lump sum payment upon retirement, resignation or even death.

Employees Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI)

A type of insurance for employees who are part of the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) scheme. If an employee covered by EDLI dies while working, their family/ nominee gets a fixed amount of money.

Group Leave Encashment Scheme
Group Superannuation Scheme

In addition to the above, as an Insurance Broker, we have access to all the insurance (Life, Health & General) policies from all registered insurance companies under IRDAI in India

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