Property Related Insurances

Property Related Insurances
Standard fire & Special Perils Insurance

Offers protection against a variety of defined risks such as fire, lightning, explosion, flood and storms for commercial and residential properties.

All Risks Insurance

A policy that provides coverage for a wide range of risks or perils that may cause damage or loss to your property, except for those specifically excluded in the policy.

Contractor’s All Risk (CAR) Insurance

A specialised type of insurance policy designed to provide comprehensive coverage for construction projects. It offers protection against a wide range of risks that contractors, builders, and construction companies may face during the execution/ construction of a project

Erection All Risk (EAR) Insurance

A type of insurance coverage designed to protect against risks associated with the erection, installation, and testing of machinery, plants, and equipment.

Industrial All Risk (IAR) Insurance

A big safety net for factories and businesses. It helps protect them from all sorts of problems like fires, theft, floods and accidents. This insurance is important for keeping factories and warehouses safe and secure, giving business owners peace of mind

Contractor’s Plant & Machinery (CPM) Insurance

Provides coverage for a wide range of risks that may affect contractor-owned or hired machinery, equipment and plants during construction projects. This includes risks such as accidental damage, theft, breakdown, fire and natural disasters

Machinery Breakdown (MBD) Insurance

Covers damage to machinery and equipment due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, including accidental damage

Burglary Insurance

A backup plan for your business or home if someone breaks in and steals things. It helps cover the cost of replacing stolen items.

Motor / Commercial Vehicles Insurance

Insurance that covers vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, delivery trucks, taxis, and buses used for business purposes. It helps pay for repairs if the vehicle is damaged in an accident, or if it's stolen. It also covers if your vehicle causes damage to someone else's property or if someone gets hurt in an accident you're involved in.

In addition to the above, as an Insurance Broker, we have access to all the insurance (Life, Health & General) policies from all registered insurance companies under IRDAI in India

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