Other Insurances

Other Insurances
Office package Insurance

Office package insurance typically refers to a type of insurance policy designed to protect businesses from various risks associated with their office premises and the equipment inside.

Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)

EEI typically covers sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to electronic equipment, including computers, servers, communication systems, medical devices, industrial machinery and other electronic or electrical equipment. Covered perils may include fire, lightning, water damage, electrical surges, accidental damage, vandalism, and theft.

Plate Glass Insurance

A specialized type of insurance designed to protect businesses from financial losses associated with damage or breakage to glass windows, doors, and other glass fixtures in their premises.

Money Insurance

Money Insurance serves as a crucial safeguard for businesses that deal with cash, cheques and other valuable financial items. It provides coverage against various risks such as theft, loss or damage to money. This insurance is especially vital for establishments where the handling of cash and financial instruments is an integral part of daily operations.

Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance

Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance, shields businesses from financial losses resulting from the damage or malfunction of boilers, pressure vessels and various machinery and equipment where steam is generated.

Shopkeepers Insurance

Shopkeepers Insurance is a type of insurance coverage tailored to protect small and medium shops and stores from various risks and perils associated with their operations.

In addition to the above, as an Insurance Broker, we have access to all the insurance (Life, Health & General) policies from all registered insurance companies under IRDAI in India

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