Financial Lines Insurances

Financial Lines Insurances
Fire Loss of Profits (FLOP) Insurance

A type of insurance that helps businesses when they suffer financial losses due to insured perils like fire, storm, earthquakes, etc., It covers the income they would have earned if their operations weren't interrupted by the perils, helping them stay financially stable during the recovery period

Machinery Loss of Profits (MLOP) Insurance

Insurance that provides coverage for businesses in the event of machinery breakdowns or failures due to the insured perils, compensating for the income lost due to halted production. It acts as a financial safeguard, ensuring businesses can maintain stability during periods of machinery downtime.

Advance Loss of Profits (ALOP) / Delay in Start Up (DSU) Insurance

ALOP and DSU insurance are crafted to shield businesses from financial setbacks stemming from delays in project commencement or completion, often triggered by covered incidents like fire, flood, or other risks.

Credit Insurance

Is designed to cover default on receivables in both domestic and export business-to-business transactions. It is particularly beneficial for companies operating in industries where credit sales are common or where there is a higher risk of customer default.

In addition to the above, as an Insurance Broker, we have access to all the insurance (Life, Health & General) policies from all registered insurance companies under IRDAI in India

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